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I am a board certified internist who has always been searching for the best for my patients. Dr. Kurek and his staff are warm, caring, highly competent and professional, and use the most advanced techniques and technology available in modern dentistry. That is why my wife and I use him as our personal dentist, and why I refer patients from my medical practice to The Center for Advanced Dentistry for both acute problems and preventative care.

Richard L..Horowitz, M.D., Hyde Park, N.Y.

My husband needed immediate dental treatment on a holiday weekend. We called a dozen dentists and no one would help us. Then we called Dr. Kurek. Dr. Kurek didn't know us, we were not his patients, but he did know we needed help. My husband went to his office (which was closed for the holiday) and was treated with expert care. Dr. Kurek has shown that level of care and dedication to us ever since. The Center Advanced for Dentistry is our first and only choice for dental care.

Carol Meyer, Stone Ridge, N.Y.

Top quality service that is so rare to find, with a highly trained professional staff who know you on a first name basis. I highly recommend Dr. Kurek and The Center for Advanced Dentistry to all my friends and family.

Sunni Chen, M.D., Highland, N.Y.


I have been a patient of Dr. Kurek's for fifteen years. He has taken care of myself and my entire family including my children during that time. As a physician, I know quite well that patients are apprehensive about undergoing dental care. But rest assured, you cannot find another dentist better than Dr. Kurek at making you feel comfortable in the dental chair. Dr. Kurek is at the forefront of dental practice. His techniques employ the proven time tested methods as well as the latest in technology. As a medical professional, I can attest that his office utilizes every safety device and adheres to the highest level of safety to avoid any transmission of infection. His staff is also first rate. The assistants and dental hygienists are superb. From the moment you enter his office, you are made to feel comfortable. The avoidance of pain and apprehension are among the top priorities for Dr. Kurek and his entire staff. If you have a complicated dental problem, you can be certain that Dr. Kurek has the knowledge of all the advanced techniques and materials, as well as the experience of more than twenty five years in practice to make a comprehensive and thoughtful plan to address the issues at hand. Dr. Kurek has my highest recommendation and my mouth is in his hands.

Dr. Glenn Gerber, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


I live in London England and routinely travel internationally for my work.  When I found myself in need of comprehensive dental care I was willing to travel anywhere for the best quality I could find.  Friends of mine recommended Dr. Kurek at The Center For Advanced Dentistry.  After meeting Dr. Kurek and his staff for the first time, I knew I had found my dentist.  My dental treatment was a complete success, my mouth feels better and I feel healthier. When people ask me if it was worth the monthly trips from London to Dr. Kurek’s office, I tell them that Dr. Kurek is exceptionally skillful and compassionate, and that’s why I continue to see Dr. Kurek four times per year for routine follow up.

Robert M. Osgood, London, England

Dr. Kurek brought every one of his many years of experience to bear in managing my case. Very few dentists in the United States have his level of skill and understanding. Virtually every advancement in dental implant technology was integrated into my treatment plan. When I’m asked about Dr. Kurek’s abilities, I always say he is at the very tip of the technological spear and he would have excelled in any medical specialty he chose. My smile is back and I have Dr.Kurek and The Center for Advanced Dentistry to thank.

Bruce Chapman, Gardiner, N.Y.

Before I went to Dr.Kurek, I had suffered for years with constant mouth pain and yellow teeth.  Now, each time I brush my teeth I feel blessed to have him for my dentist. I’m also thankful to his staff, who are warm, professional and caring. I have recommended Dr. Kurek to so many people and they have thanked me deeply.

Beverly Gregan, Napanoch, N.Y.

I would recommend Dr. Kurek to any one truly concerned about their health. Dr. Kurek has corrected many of my dental problems which has given me an increased sense of security and self esteem. Dr. Kurek’s expertise is unquestionable and he and his staff are courteous, honest and genuinely down to earth people. I’m not overstating the case when I say that Dr. Kurek’s care has changed my life for the better.

Mark Ruhala, Hopewell Junction, N.Y.

Dr. Kurek’s impeccable prior planning for every possible contingency gave me confidence that I would leave his office on the day of my emergency front tooth implant with a comfortable, natural looking smile. Although none of us would relish this type of complex dental treatment, Dr. Kurek went out of his way to keep me comfortable throughout, and smiling whenever possible. Dr. Kurek and I both survived my emergency front tooth implant. The result was an incredibly natural looking front tooth that matched my other teeth perfectly.

Sarah Plant, Shokan, N.Y.

I will never be able to adequately thank Dr. Kurek and his wonderful staff. My anxiety about dental treatment had left me unable to address the problems I was experiencing, and my appearance and discomfort were disabling. Throughout my treatment Dr. Kurek and his staff were wonderful, always treating me with the highest respect and compassion. I knew they truly and sincerely cared about me. I am now able to live my life with the confidence that comes from an improved appearance and better health.

Teresa Tuzzolino, Highland, N.Y.

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I’ve had the privilege of being Dr. Kurek’s patient for over 20 years.  After several bad experiences with other dentists, I was thrilled to find a dental office that consistently maintained such high professional standards while demonstrating real care for their patients. I have referred many friends and family members to Dr. Kurek and they have all been impressed with the quality of care they received from the entire staff. Dr. Kurek also gracefully and skillfully helped my son overcome his childhood fear of dentists.  Although I now live overseas, I still see Dr. Kurek regularly for my dental care.

Susan Spadanuta, Auroville, India

Dr. Kurek is a sincere, honest and extremely intelligent man. He loves what he does and his dental care and commitment to his patients reflect that. Every interaction with his office has been positive, attentive, extremely thorough and of the highest quality.

Chrissie Mack, Hyde Park, N.Y.

I have a beautiful smile thanks to Dr.Kurek. He and his staff always make me feel welcome when I arrive and comfortable throughout any procedure. That’s why I still make the 5-½ hour drive to his office four times a year for check-ups and cleanings. I trust Dr. Kurek and his staff completely and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Mary Hilton, Madrid, N.Y.

I first saw Dr. Kurek for a second opinion after my dentist told me what I kind of already knew, that my dental care had been severely neglected and that major reconstructive procedures would be needed to correct the multiple problems that affected my dental health. Dr. Kurek was the most thorough dentist I had ever been to. He spent an extraordinary amount of time explaining the results of my examination and made recommendations for me to think about…he was never overbearing and I never felt pressured. He even offered to make my examination results available to my previous dentist should I decide to return there for my treatment. I was so impressed with Dr. Kurek that I decided to stay with him for my treatment, and here’s why. Dr. Kurek exudes confidence and professionalism. He truly cares about providing the best service he is capable of and he is dedicated to giving his patients the results they desire. My case went exactly as Dr. Kurek told me it would. I was never uncomfortable, there were no surprises. My smile has never looked better. Dr. Kurek was very gentle, had a great sense of humor and performed a very difficult task effortlessly. When I look back at the condition of my mouth when I started and compare it to where I am now, I can honestly say that the results far exceeded my expectations. If you need any dental treatment, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Kurek before making any final decisions. That’s what I did and it was the best thing I could have done for myself.

Mark Rosengarten, Walkill, N.Y.

For the first time in twenty years I am completely comfortable with my smile.  After an accident as a child, I had been dealing with substandard options to replace my front teeth.  I was having pain (again!) and my sister-in-law suggested I see Dr. Kurek.  Dr. Kurek not only alleviated my pain but he was able to use implants to restore my smile.  The way I see it, you can dental care anywhere, but if you want the best, you’ll have to go to The Center for Advanced Dentistry to get it.

Chris Lewis, Wallkill, N.Y.

I called Dr. Kurek because I was stuck!  I was scared of dentists and I was concerned that my dental problems would be expensive to fix. Dr. Kurek didn’t pull any punches with me. His examination was the most thorough I have ever had and Dr. Kurek and his staff fully earned my trust and confidence that very first day. Dr. Kurek wasn’t the cheapest dentist in town, but I needed a good dentist, not a cheap one. As it turned out I didn’t just get a good dentist, I found a great dentist. Dr. Kurek is in my opinion without peer. Now not only can I smile, my teeth and even my implants feel like my own. I can eat anything I want, I have no pain and I smile all the time. Thanks Doc.

Joe DiBlanca, Highland, N.Y.

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Dr. Kurek is the best there is, a real professional, including all the staff, and of course he’s a nice guy too!

Dick Williams, New Paltz, N.Y.

As a teenager I suffered from periodontal disease that over the years left me with a damaged smile, making me look well beyond my age. My teeth had been repaired several times to try to fix the problem but none of the fixes lasted very long and my condition worsened into a very complex problem.  I knew something had to be done, but based upon my passed experiences I was skeptical…until I found Dr. Kurek.  Dr. Kurek performed a detailed evaluation of my situation and developed a treatment plan that was well thought out, effectively communicated to me and scheduled to meet my demanding work schedule. Dr. Kurek performed each stage of my treatment with precision and compassion.  The results left me with a bright new smile and the confidence to show it.  Dr. Kurek and his staff at the Center for Advanced Dentistry not only changed my smile, they changed my life.

Dan Malinowski, New Paltz, N.Y.

From the front office to the hygienists to the assistants to Dr. Kurek himself, I feel cared for and respected as a person. While the practice is run with the highest efficiency, I have never felt rushed. Everyone is continuously concerned with my well being and to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. Follow-up care is amazing! Dr. Kurek's practice is about me as a whole person. He helped me understand how the health of my teeth and gums are related to other aspects of my health. He and his staff are always very well prepared. I never have to re-explain anything. Dr. Kurek is technically masterful, very personable, a caring educator, and an inventive problem solver.

Cornelis De Groot, Ph.D., New Paltz, N.Y.

Thanks to Dr. Kurek’s many years of excellence and abilities I was able to keep most of my natural teeth until the age of 92, giving me a very enjoyable and useful life.  When I needed treatment to replace some of my missing teeth Dr. Kurek used all of is skills and experience to give me new teeth.  I am now able to resume speaking to school groups and others about my wartime experiences as a resistance fighter during World War II and I am enjoying life again.  I really have something to smile about now and have Dr. Kurek and his staff at The Center for Advanced Dentistry to thank for it.  With much gratitude,

Phil Rosner, New Paltz, N.Y.


My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Kurek's for over 20 years and we have him and his staff to thank for the fact that we have had few dental problems over the years. We are both senior citizens and so many of our friends have lost teeth or are always complaining about their teeth and their dentists! The quality of care at The Center For Advanced Dentistry is superb, honestly I can't imagine why anyone would go anywhere else.

Lena Caradonna., Marlboro, N.Y.

From the first contact with his office, the demeanor, obvious integrity and expertise shown by the doctors and entire staff made a challenging situation incredibly manageable. Since then, the warmth of the staff, the high standard of care and expertise and the inviting ambience has never wavered, turning what in the past has always been the unpleasant visit to the dentist into ... unbelievably... an enjoyable visit to good friends.

Rev. Frank Jude Boccio, Tilson, N.Y.

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Dr. Kurek defines excellence in dentistry. He is intelligent, caring and vigilant in his care of his patients. He is consistently thorough in his diagnosis and treatment of every case before him. When he interacts with me I always feel like I am his only patient. I have recommended him to a number of friends and they have all thanked me for doing so. He is one of a kind.

Stephen Wood, CSW High Falls, N.Y.

When one finds a master in any field, the wise person keeps the company of the Master. This is how I view Dr. Kurek. He is a brilliant dentist and a fine human being. I travel a great distance for his treatment.

Dr. Allen Douglas, Majorca, Spain

I can honestly say that my experience with Dr. Kurek and his staff was a very positive one. It was the longest dental experience I've ever had, and required months of work, many visits and much anesthesia but I have been very pleased with the results, and I'm very grateful.

Henry Kamenecka, M.D. Rhinebeck, N.Y.

I have found the standard of care, ambience and level of expertise to be exceptional. In fact, I have never experienced better dental care.

Alan R. Derry, Ph.D., New Paltz, N.Y.

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Kurek and his staff. He is intelligent, experienced and compassionate. I have been his patient for many years and have total confidence in his abilities and skills. His staff always puts me at ease and I am always confident the work will be well done.

Philip Mazzei, Stone Ridge, N.Y.

Dr. Kurek was able to assess, treat, and cure my TMJ ( three other very good doctors over the past twenty years were unable to help me.). Before I met Dr. Kurek, I was a huge skeptic from past experiences. Dr. Kurek not only gained my trust, he was able to move me past my extreme phobia of dentistry to a level of complete comfort and confidence. I actually look forward to going to the dentist!!! My six year old son, my husband, my friends, my neighbors, even my mother, all agree, Doctor Kurek and his staff are an unbelievable dream come true. I have learned the value of receiving the most advanced dentistry in the Hudson Valley.

Ellen M. Brunning, MS,Ed. New Paltz, N.Y.

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I was fortunate to discover the exceptional care provided by Dr. Kurek's practice last year when I was in a critical situation. I was confident that I was in the best of hands from the moment I placed a call to the office. Dr. Kurek has created an harmonious environment in which to work with his team of professionals. He possesses diversified technical skills and combines this knowledge with a compassionate understanding of his patients' needs. Since my association with The Center for Advanced Dentistry, my anxiety about dental visits has vanished. The entire caring staff has made this possible for me. Thank you.

Wendy Wisniewski, Accord, N.Y.

How many people can say the enjoy going to the dentist? - I can - because of the wonderful staff and the genius of Dr. Bruce Kurek - kindness, gentleness and intelligence are the norm for Dr. Kurek's office. Dr. Kurek really knows what's going on in the world of dentistry. The very latest advanced techniques are used. He gave me a million dollar smile that people often ask who's your dentist?

Eugene Gregan, Napanoch, N.Y.

When it came to dentists I was a real procrastinator, always postponing my appointments because of the fear of pain. Since I started with Dr. Kurek, about six years ago, the fear is gone and I know my dental visits are pain free and comfortable. Dr. Kurek surrounds himself with a capable staff. The people in the office are phenomenal, gentle, caring, and most of all experienced. Dr. Kurek has always been available to me and my family. He is forthright when he discusses your treatment, answering all your concerns, very professional and most of all he is a perfectionist, he makes sure that you are satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend my dentist.

Lily Kamenecka, Rhinebeck, N.Y.

Dr. Kurek and his staff have been our dental care providers for the last ten years. My wife and I consider ourselves lucky to have access to the excellent dental care that his practice provides right here in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Every time I visit his office I'm impressed by the high standards of dental practice I observe. I'm constantly amazed at the professionalism and competence of Dr. Kurek and the latest advances in dental care technology and practice he employs. I'm equally impressed with his office staff, which he constantly trains, closely supervises and expects to perform at his high level of excellence. Dr. Kurek always listens carefully to my concerns and is able to put me at ease. Under his expert care my mouth now feels better than in a long time. I'm planning to retire next year and hope I'll find a dentist of Dr. Kurek's caliber in Florida. If not, I'll be visiting New Paltz more frequently than I thought.

Henry Urbanski, Ph.D., New Paltz, N.Y.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bruce Kurek's for approximately 10 years. I was seeing a dentist who informed me that I had periodontal disease. I called and spoke with the Dr. Kurek directly. I informed him of my situation and he said he could help me. I began seeing Dr. Kurek and was very impressed with his knowledge in every aspect of dentistry. I also felt extremely comfortable with him and his office staff. It is truly amazing what he can do! I am very happy with the treatment I receive from him. My family and I will continue to be patients of Dr. Kurek's for many more years.

Patricia Carr., Highland, N.Y.

It is always a pleasure to visit the office of Dr. Kurek, his wife Rose, and professional staff. Both my husband and I feel comfortable with the team because they are friendly, competent, and dedicated to providing superior care. Many of us are concerned today with a physician's competence and integrity, we want to be treated with respect and have confidence that the dentist will take us seriously and provide painless treatment, while reducing anxiety. And this is what our family has come to expect from the Kurek team. Dr. Kurek welcomes questions and will provide intelligent recommendations concerning our dental health, maintenance, and dental appearance. He truly likes people and it is evident when he is caring for his extended family the patient.

Mary Ann Schuler, Ulster Park, N.Y.

I have been embarrassed by my teeth for most of my life. I would smile infrequently and when I did, I was very careful to keep my lips closed. Thanks to the skill of Dr.Kurek, today I smile widely and often, and I have received numerous compliments about my great smile.

Christine Egan, RN Hyde Park, N.Y.

Dr. Kurek's approach to dentistry is awesome. His staff is extremely professional but personable at the same time. New York City has just come to you!

Diane Desiderio, New Paltz, N.Y.

When I first went to The Center For Advanced Dentistry on my husband's recommendation, I was apprehensive due to my spotty dental history and the amount of work that needed to be done. But Dr. Kurek's thorough, systematic approach, his breadth of knowledge and excellent communication skills soon put me at ease. Although his office uses the most latest technologies and advanced techniques, it is the expert, gentle care and professionalism that is truly outstanding.

Hae Auh., New Paltz, N.Y.

Many thanks for making my smile so beautiful. Also, many thanks for your honesty, integrity, compassion and understanding regarding the dental treatment that had to be done.

Ursula F., Gardiner, N.Y.

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